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          Shanghai Wanjin Adjuvant Co., ltd, established in 2003, is the manufactory of pesticide adjuvants. dedicate in R&D and producing water based adjuvants, including auxiliaries for emulstion in water (EW), suspension concentrate (SC), suspension emulsion(SE), Oil miscible flowable concentrate (OF), microemulsion(ME), etc.

          Shanghai Wanjin Adjuvant Co., ltd have developed sole pesticide additives, they can be widely used in pesticide with lower price & higher quality.

          Shanghai Wanjin Adjuvant Co., ltd pay high attention on technical innovation, and provides high quality of pesticide formula technical service,..We have developed many high quality formula supported with our sole adjuvants for our clients.

          As a professional adjuvant manufactory, Shanghai Wanjin Adjuvant Co., ltd aims to be one manufactory famed in the world for pesticide.
          About Us
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